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Recently, I discovered an article published by Psychology Today, which said a study out of Brown University has concluded that “routines and habits in children, including household chores and responsibilities, are unlikely to vary after the age of 9.”


There are plenty of things that can negatively impact our sleep, and one of them you might be surprised to learn is your teeth! We’ve brought in Dr Gautam Herle to educate us all about the links between sleep and teeth and gums - and you might learn why you’ve been struggling with your sleep! 


Given the recent rise in the popularity of various DIY teeth whitening kits, many people are also wisely seeking a professional opinion and advice on the subject. Here we address seven of the most common questions regarding teeth whitening. Let’s get to it!

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New experiences can sometimes be traumatic for young children, and your kid’s dentist visit is often no exception.


For whatever reason, dental care is viewed as a luxury. However, saving for the dentist should be viewed as every other household expense.


Studies have shown there’s no real reason to neglect your teeth, even without added benefits.


Geelong dentist Dr. Gautam Herle sat down with eHealth Radio to discuss the modern dental landscape, and the importance of being proactive.


Dr. Gautam Herle, Principal Dentist at The Myers Street Dental Clinic in Geelong, Australia that prides itself on their long-term understanding of their patients joins eHealth Radio and the Dental Care and Health News Channels.


Dr Gautam Herle has been a pillar of the Geelong community, and as their resident dentist, he wants to dispel some myths about his profession.

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