Geelong Dentist

Dr. Gautam Herle:

Stress-Free Experience




B.D.S., M.D.S.

Principal Dentist 

A Geelong resident with his family for more than a decade, Dr Gautam Herle can be your family’s partner in good dental health.


Through long-term planning and starting good habits early, Dr Herle will be with you along the way to having a life-long happy, healthy smile.

FAST FACT: Dr Herle is on the cutting edge of technology, and will soon be only one of 12 dentists in Australia to have achieved a Masters in Laser Dentistry.




I’m here to help you and your family achieve the best results for your teeth. We’ll work together for years to ensure that your experience with a dentist is as enjoyable – and painless – as possible. Let’s work together to make sure that every visit you have is enjoyable, and one where we can achieve progress together.

I’m more than just someone to give you check-ups. I prefer to be someone who brings your confidence back, or improves your confidence, so you can smile and chew without anything holding you back.


There’s more to dental health than remembering to brush twice a day. There’s everything you hear and see in the media about avoiding sugary drinks and the importance of flossing, but there’s a lot more that we can work on together to make sure that your visits to the dentist in the future don’t necessarily have to be stressful, or break the budget. My mission is to make sure you don’t need to see me more than what’s absolutely necessary. We’re on a journey together, and I’m here to guide you on this journey.


  • I had a good family upbringing and pride myself on honesty and being ethical.

  • Our family used to run an animal shelter for abandoned cows back in India, and I was part of an animal protection group (similar to PETA).

  • I was highly educated in English throughout my schooling back in India. So when it comes to patient communication, it would be hard to believe that English is actually my second language and not my first.